Support group Meeting – 23 March 2019

Sachin sarcoma society has organised Support Group Meeting on 23 March 2019 for sarcoma patients at AIIMS, New Delhi.
Support group meetings are conducted with the intent to support the patients emotionally fighting with disease and providing companionship to sarcoma affected families.It was heartening to see that patients came in good numbers ( around 50) and there was a great interactive session between doctors and patients and their queries were sorted out.
We express our immense gratitude to our mentor Dr. Sameer Rastogi, Dr. Sorun and Dr. Rakesh Garg and sister Parisa for counseling and guiding patients and answering their queries on side effects of Chemotherapy, radiation , diet and pain management.
Refreshments were served to patients.
Many survivors have shared their journey and their experiences with other patients undergoing treatment and boosted their morale.It was also heartening to see that many patients undergoing treatment were motivating other patients.The overall program was very positive, motivating and meant to cheer up the patients that tough times will get over soon if they keep a strong willpower.
We express our gratitude to all the patients and caregivers who have attended the Support Group Meeting today.
We will continue to support patients and caregivers and pray for their good health.

Best wishes to all!!!