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  1. Dear colleagues,
    First of all Congratulations to start this Group. It’s a great effort to all of you for taking the initiative to this important work and creating The Sachin Sarcoma Society. We all know there is a great need
    for this work.
    I am very proud to have you all here in this group. You all are aware that from this Group all
    Informations, knowledge is important to the patients and the patient’s family – but is
    also very important to Doctors too.
    We all here share expertise and knowledge about treatment of pateint by doctors
    – and encourage the other pateint development of health services for doctors. We need to do research and develop healthy working environments for pateint. And we need to
    teach all to look after their own health. We all together do their best to run this society. Regards – Bhushan Valecha (Father of Navya Valecha).

  2. There is a sense of great admiration and relief when I see Rashi kapoor and such other lovely powerful personalities trying to uplift the humanity. They are working with a fierce concentration on their path of spreading awareness about certain types of Cancer. I was over-whelmed when I met the team , this society is like a bright Sun in this dark world to bless the weaker and to strengthen them.
    In this world where Cancer is shaking our belief, we need more and people to join Sachin Sarcoma Society. I wish the society becomes an epitome of humanity and courage… to wipe the cancer out of this beautiful world.

  3. Had never heard of Sarcoma till one of our family members (Rashi Kapoor) was diagnosed with it. The dreaded form of cancer not only weakens physically but also drains one mentally. The disease has to be treated at the physical level, as well as fought at the mental level. The essential first step is to create awareness about it and develop an understanding among the patients and family members on how to bravely confront the situation and live positively with its after effects. SACHIN SARCOMA SOCIETY has taken this first step of creating a common platform for sharing experiences, disseminating information, discussing treatments and above all… dispensing hope. I sincerely wish that it is able to fulfill its mission in the best possible way.

  4. When a family going through schock and tramua of cancer finds a support group it’s like a lifeline to them. Kuddos to you Rashi for having so much courage and determination to help others ease through the hardships you have faced and overcome. I am sure you will encourage all of them with your positivity. Guruji bless you always and guide you always.

  5. Heartiest Complements to the entire team for such a wonderful initiative !
    The Word ‘Cancer’ creates a ‘Panic Situation with every Individual & Family’ & I have seen/ experienced / felt the pain associated with it. This can’t be explained in words.
    I lost my Mom to this dreaded disease.
    I have another family friend Rashi who is a young mother & was diagnosed with Sarcoma.
    Any other Individual would have bogged down, but Rashi had some different plans.
    She fought— mentally, physically with the able support of her family & emerged victorious.
    She defeated ‘Cancer’— Period !
    It is here comes the importance of this society & the People associated with it.
    Rashi —- You & Team are doing a ‘Great Service’ to the Society— this support plays a very very significant role in terms of providing Solidarity to all the people who suffer from Sarcoma.
    Knowing You Rashi, You are an Inspiring example who has fought against all odds with a ‘Ever Smiling Face’.
    May GOD Bless You & the entire team— Keep on spreading smiles to one & all !

  6. Congratulations to Rashi and team for taking the brilliant step to touch the lives of those suffering from sarcoma.The team of Sachin Sarcoma Society is doing a great job to help the patients of sarcoma by giving them companionship and spreading awareness of sarcoma with a smile.God bless the team of sachin sarcoma society!!

  7. Cancer— this disease has always been
    threatening .l have come across two such people who suffered from it n yet came out victorious .
    Rashi is one such being who is full of life she is bubbly n energetic .
    Well ,we all human get into suffering when we r not aware of our mind (the entity which creates thoughts).The physical body come across pain when the mind is not at ease (dis+ease).
    One of our team friend has mentioned about the support system given by this society.This is a great thing to make people aware of the disease and give them every kind of support.
    Well , Rashi n my dear friends are doing a great service to the mankind.

  8. Dear Rashi and Team,

    It is really a wonderful and brilliant Social cause that you’ve ventured into. Sarcoma patients and their families will remember you for the years to come for whom your Society has extended a valuable help.
    Imparting knowledge and guidance, providing emotional and financial support by organizing workshops and meetings, you have voluntarily taken a brave decision to create Awareness among the sufferers of Sarcoma and the generations to come.
    Your family members, neighbors, friends and colleagues are definitely coming forward to whatever the support, Tan-Man-Dhan, they can offer to you for this great Social cause.
    Our Blessings for Success of your Mission.


    Shekhar Suri.

  9. Team SSS,

    Cancer can be isolating and scary, but sachin sarcoma society helps anyone who has been affected by sarcoma find real support and real answers. The mission of sarcoma society is to empower anyone who has been affected by this particular type of cancer and help them find the support and answers by clearing their doubts and providing right information related to their disease.
    They are solicitous about welfare of patients. They also distribute biscuits, thermometer and many more things amongst deprived patients.
    Keep inspiring. More power to you! 💪

  10. Kudos to the team of sachin sarcoma society for doing a great job.wishing all the best to Rashi kapoor and team for all your endeavours…

  11. Thanks for all of your efforts including this webpage. I am newly dx sarcoma patient and have met Rashi Kapoor on Facebook.

  12. Thanks team SSS!!

    For the great work you all are doing towards the mankind….No external force can defeat any Human ,till he/She is strong from inside and you all are the power and inspiration which enlighten that inner force.

    Wish you all success in your mission to keep hope of life alive.

    God Bless you all!!

  13. Team Sachin Sarcoma Society
    Heartiest Thanks to you all members for your great work towards mankind its mean lot to all very best wishes to all .

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