Cancer Success Story – Master Ashman Jain

Arti Jain, mother of a brave, energetic and altruistic child Ashman Jain (14 years) is going to tell us the encouraging journey of Ashman.

In 2009, my child complained me of having pain in his left arm. Initially we took it lightly but gradually it kept on increasing. Numerous X-rays, MRI scans were done from 2009 till 2016 but no hospital was able to diagnose the problem my child was possessing . My child started losing his confidence, lost his hope and clouds of fear was all over him.

Dr S.M Tuli(Orthopaedist) Vihmans Hospital

In 2016, someone told us about Dr Tuli. A ray of hope came in our life. MRI scan, x-ray, plasters and ultrasound was done and we came to know about a small lump which got operated successfully and life became joyful for us. My child excitement, his smiles, his dreams were in air as there was no pain in his left hand but we were wrong as no biopsy was done and margins were still positive due to an orthopaedician who is not specialised in treating cancerous tumour.

Don’t let pain define you, let it refine you. 

Ashman’s biopsy was done in Ganga Ram hospital and results came on 16th September, indeed a dreadful day for all of us.We went to the hospital in a causal way with the reports in hand, irrespective of the results of the report. When my husband called me and instructed me to read the report to him, I was shattered as he told me that synovial sarcoma is a very rare type of cancer. I was still at my place, no words to speak, no emotions to feel, absolute numb with tears rolling down my eyes and asking God, why my child?

We went to top three hospitals of India which are Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, Tata Memorial Hospital and AIIMS, and all three hospitals confirmed that it is synovial sarcoma (a very rare form of cancer).

Dr Sameer Rastogi (AIIMS HOSPITAL)

As helpless and shattered parents, we started losing all hope when Dr Sameer Rastogi came in our life and played a significance role in in saving my child’s life. He gave us hope that my child’s arm could be saved from amputation. He suggested for radiation and Dr DN Sharma and his team members supported us in every way possible for radiation. Dr Sameer Rastogi is not just a brilliant doctor but also a good mentor for my child.


A big tension came into our life about chemotherapy. As his lump was too small chemo was only 5% effective. My husband and his friend’s sister wrote a mail to Dr Sant Chawla for his expert opinion. He was like a god to me and we are extremely grateful for his efforts and his generosity as he came to India and guided us and ultimately saved us from toxic treatment of chemotherapy.

There are two types of pain one that hurts you and one that change you. This pain helped us understand the pain of everyone undergoing sarcoma treatment. So, we decided to do something, something different and Dr Sameer Rastogi gave us the path where we can walk together and create a positive difference in everyone’s life.


A journey full of deep, threatening, potholes eventually leads to a beautiful destination.     

8 thoughts on “Cancer Success Story – Master Ashman Jain”

  1. Hi Arti and the brave Ashman.Rightly said dont let the pain define u ,let it refines you.This is what is called the spirit ,the right attitude.Dealing with cancer is not tough as I myself is a patient ,a four month old (not me but my cancer…)…..but seeing ur child in those clutches is really sth very cruel ,very unbearable.But I appreciate the way Arti s fighting it and Our darling Ashman has taken it head on ….face to face…not being fearful.Holding the lamp of faith high and hence able to get rid of the darkness this word brings is really commendable …I have never met Ashman but I can imagine a SHAKTIMAAN type of aura around his cute n sweet personality..defenitely he is an inspiration to many ..luv u Ashman n lots of hugs to u ….You will soon b alright and will b the youngest volunteer of our fleet….once again lots of luv ..aunty is not much techsavy …so unable to add emojis ….

  2. Hi arti,
    Ashman is a brave and courageous boy…I have seen your unshakeable faith on God, god will always bless Ashman with good health and he will shine like a star…you have taken an excellent initiative to help others as you have gone through such a pain…god will always bless you and my wishes are with you for all your future endeavors have been an enthusiastic member of our team Sachin Sarcoma society…cheers…

  3. Story of Ashman really inspires to face the challenges life throws at you. I can not even imagine the pain you n our champ Ashman bore for so long. Thanks for sharing your story with us n being inspiration for so manyand also for introducing Sachin Sarcoma Society, a common platform to share our pain with each other and care for everyone. God bless you with happy n long life Ashman. Love u hero.

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