Cancer Story – Mrs. Kaushalya Rana

Hi all, myself Ashish Rana a caregiver to my Mother Kaushalya (46 year).
In June,2015 My mother had pain in her upper abdominal region for several days then we visited Medanta Hospital,Gurgaon and doctor suggested CT scan of abdomen which suggestive of multiple lesion in both lobes of Liver. Then we went for Liver Biopsy and diagnosed with Epithloid Hemangioendothelioma which is a type of sarcoma, very rare type of cancer which happens to one in a million. After this tough phase of life we decided to move further on positive note to fight from it without any negative thoughts and started with Thalidomide 50mg and Celecoxib 100mg.
After taking these medicines for 3 months my mother’s condition improved as there were no pain for 3 months but MRI suggestive of increased size of liver lesion. Then, We rushed to several hospitals i.e. AIIMS, Ganga Ram,Rajiv Gandhi,Max, ILBS, Apollo for opinion and came to know about Sarcoma Specialist Dr. Sameer Rastogi at AIIMS, Sarcoma Medical Oncology Centre and Started on Pazopanib 800mg/day from June,2016. After taking Pazopanib for several days my mother developed Hand Foot syndrome, elevated liver function test and high BP so dose was lowered to 400mg per day as pazopanib 800mg is not tolerated by every Indian patients. Then we went for PET Scan(Sept’16) after taking medicine for 3 months which shows Stable Disease.
Now, She is on Pazopanib 400mg/day plus Dr. Sameer added Propanolol 40mg/day(also used as hypertension medicine) because of recent evidence of this medicine in this disease and tolerating well and we visit Dr. Sameer in his OPD regularly to keep monitoring her health. Being a house wife she is living a healthy life without focusing on her disease and keep herself busy with her work without skipping yoga, meditation which helps a lot in healing disease and her latest PET Scan(Feb’2018) suggests Stable Disease.
Ever Smiling Mrs. Kaushalya Rana

5 thoughts on “Cancer Story – Mrs. Kaushalya Rana”

  1. Ashish we r proud of u at least you have understood the pain that ur mother has gone through . U took a great initiative as a son , human being and u stand by not only for ur mother but everyone who are going through this Sarcoma pain .

  2. are a courageous and loving son .Its good that you are not afraid of the uncertainties that lies ahead ,this shows your strong faith and belief on Almighty.And more important it brings forth the positive attitude which is essential for making each day meaningful.You and your mom are true inspiration and you have showed others how to be grateful in real sense. Keep up your spirits ignited and lit the way for others.And you are doing wonderful job for our society.

  3. Hi Ashish, you have taken an amazing initiative to help others…Being a care giver, you have seen the pain and now can understand the pain that any other cancer patient has to go through…let’s work together as a team to spread awareness on sarcoma and help them to fight sarcoma with a smile and positive best wishes and regards to aunty…

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