Sachin Sarcoma Society is a registered society one of the first support group in Delhi to help Sarcoma patients. This society consists of like minded people who all are winners in their own way. Inspite of being hit by cancer, they have emerged as strong individuals. They have enthusiasm to work together and make difference in other lives suffering from Sarcoma. The nine members of Sachin Sarcoma Society are affected by sarcoma in some or the other way. It has survivors and caregivers i.e. some members have gone through this treatment. These enthusiastic members met in a seminar organised by Dr. Sameer Rastogi, Sarcoma Specialist, Associate Professor at AIIMS, IRCH. Dr. Rath was the chief guest at the seminar along with many other medical oncologists, surgeons, dieticians, patients, survivors and caregivers. All the likeminded eight members decided together to make a difference in Sarcoma.

The mission of this society is to spread awareness on Sarcoma, build companionship with Sarcoma affected families, help improve the quality of life of people living with Sarcoma. The members of this society are working together with a vision to beat Sarcoma Care in India. Since all members of this society are genuinely affected by Sarcoma, they are working together to remove the fear of Sarcoma. They are keen to instil the courage, hope, faith, positivity in patients and work together with utmost integrity.

Mr. Sachin Yadav - Our Inspiration
Mr. Sachin Yadav - Our Inspiration

Mr. Sachin Yadav - Our Inspiration

Our Approach

Our Story

Our Inspiration

The idea for Sachin Sarcoma Society was envisaged by Dr. Sameer Rastogi, inspired by his patient Mr. Sachin Yadav. Sachin, at the age of thirty-five, was a doting father to his two kids and loving husband to his loving wife. He was a self-made entrepreneur having just started a tech start-up company, over last two years. He came in contact with Dr. Sameer with a diagnosis of Pulmonary Artery Sarcoma – a very rare type of cancer with low survival rate. Over the next two years, Sachin fought the battle with cancer with undying hope and strength. When met with setbacks along the way of treatment, he never gave down a bit. He was a constant inspiration to everyone who came in his contact, be it his doctors, his family or even his fellow patients. He was always ready with a word of encouragement and positivity. He was such a beam of hope that it was unanimously decided to name the society after as Sachin Sarcoma Society, to honour his undying spirit of a fighter that lives on. Throughout his life and even in his death he has shown, the indomitable strength of human spirit in the face of the adversary, Cancer.

Meet the Team

Brief Introduction of core members of the Society

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Director, Overall Patient Support

Mrs. Rashi Kapoor, 38 years old is a  Synovial Sarcoma Survivor. Life has not been perfect for her as cancer jolted her physically, emotionally, mentally twice. Synovial sarcoma is a rare type of cancer. It occurs to one in a million. She has undergone surgery, radiation and chemo and inspite of going through so much of pain , she has decided to devote her rest of the life for doing service for Sarcoma patients. She underwent the entire treatment of sarcoma under the guidance of Dr Sameer Rastogi.

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Director, Marketing & Communications

Mrs. Jyoti Yadav was a care taker of her husband and the inspiration for this society Mr. Sachin Yadav who was a patient of Pulmonary Artery Sarcoma. Because of his "never say never" attitude, we honor our inspiration by naming our Support Group after him. Mrs. Jyoti Yadav, business women and a courageous lady who wants to carry forward good intentions of her husband and volunteers to lend a helping hand to all Sarcoma patients.

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Director, Fundraising

Mrs. Arti Jain is a care giver of her 14 years old son, Ashman Jain who is a Synovial Sarcoma Survivor. Sensitive, enthusiastic and loving member of the society, her aim of the life is to live for sarcoma patients till her last breath specially for the children.

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Director, Finance and Operations

Mr. Ashish Rana is a caregiver of his mother Mrs Kaushalya Rana. She is suffering from Epitheloid Hemangioendothelioma. Businessman by profession, he is young, enthusiastic, full of energy, helpful and affable with a goal in mind which is to help and reach out to maximum number of Sarcoma patients and lend them a helping hand.

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Director, Liomyosarcoma Support Group

Her work define her as a teacher and her life define her as Liomyosarcoma Survivor. Arzoo perceives cancer as a blessing as it has made the purpose of life more clear. Her sole motive is to bring smile and a ray of hope to those who suffer from this dreaded disease and walk hand in hand with them in this journey.



Director, Technology and Design

Software Engineer by profession, Lakshay is an ever smiling, courageous and dare hearted young boy of 22 years who has survived everything in his life with a smile. He is on the mission with all the members of the society to spread the awareness and boost other youngster survivors by keeping the strong willpower. He is an inspirational survivor.

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Director, Volunteer Assistance Program

Mr. Aditya Putatunda is a consultant by profession, He was a caregiver of his father Mr. Ram Krishna Putatunda who succumbed  from Epitheloid Sarcoma. An enthusiastic, courageous and gentle, Aditya, wants to make a difference in other lives.

Dietician On Board - Dr. Ankita Dhondiyal

Dr. Ankita started her career with Medanta Hospital where she worked for two and a half years and then she joined AIIMS in the Cancer Department as a Dietician. Currently she is working as a Dietician at Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute and Hospital. You can reach out to her for any of your diet queries by writing to us and we'll surely revert back to you.


Next Steps...

You can reach out to us and can help us grow and spread the word of sarcoma