What is Sarcoma?

Soft tissue sarcomas or Sarcoma are a diverse group of malignant tumours that originate when abnormal cells grow out of control in “soft tissues” and “connective tissues”. Soft tissues can be found in any part of the body and include muscles, tendons, fat, blood and lymph vessels, nerves and joint linings (synovial tissue). The type of sarcoma depends on the kind of cells it arises from. Connective tissues include all tissues that support, connect or separate different tissues in the body. Therefore it can be found in the structure of organs in the body (e.g., the uterus). Soft tissue sarcomas, therefore, can grow almost anywhere, but are most common in arms and legs (50%), followed by trunk and abdomen (40%), and head and neck (10%)

Our Mission

  • Spreading Awareness on Sarcoma
  • Building companionship with sarcoma affected families
  • Helping improve the quality of life of people living with sarcoma
  • Eradicating the fear of sarcoma
  • Making difference in sarcoma care in India


  • Building a strong network of individuals who will work towards our mission
  • Creating awareness about sarcoma and various types of sarcomas
  • Sharing knowledge about sarcoma with the patients and their families
  • Guiding patients for getting the required diagnostic tests viz. X-ray, CT scan, PET scan, etc. for timely detection
  • Guiding patients to sarcoma specialists for surgery, radiation and chemotherapy
  • Providing emotional support to patients and their families by providing required counselling
  • Providing required administrative and logistic support to patients and their families
  • Providing possible financial support in terms of consultancy, medicine or consumables to patients and their families
  • Creating rehabilitation support for patients and survivors

We intend to achieve the above by the following methods

  • Transmitting, Printing, Circulating and Distributing relevant information and knowledge to patients and their families through books, pamphlets, notices, pictures, periodicals, newspapers, magazines or any other mode on any matter related to sarcoma
  • Use of audio-visual means and social media for implementation of the aims and objectives of the Society
  • Organising meetings, workshops and seminars of expert doctors for patients and/or their family members
  • Organising talk shows by expert doctors
  • Approaching various corporate houses, government agencies, NGOs and public at large for their involvement in terms of physical efforts or financial support
  • Seeking grants, donations, gift or legacy of moveable or immovable assets with or without conditions or support and assistance in any form for promoting the objects of the Society
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Our Values

  • Care: Be caring towards the needs of patients and their caregivers
  • Courage: To provide emotional support and thereby instil courage in the patients and their caregivers
  • Integrity: As the society is formed by survivors or caregivers all activities of the society will be carried out with integrity
  • Hope: As hope helps one to see light inspite of all the darkness
  • Attitude: A positive attitude will lead to a positive outcome

Together we can defeat cancer


What Doctors and Sarcoma Patients have to say about us.

Arzoo Says …

(Leimyosarcoma patient of kidney undergoing treatment at AIIMS)

Kudos to sachin sarcoma society A lamp is lit to dispel the fear of darkness The SARCOMA, yes, its said that every journey begins by the first small step and that step has been taken. Now we all have to work in tandem to achieve the objectives of the society. We are not interested in name and fame but we genuinely want to help the needy ones in all the possible ways. Under the guidance of Almighty the dedicated team will definitely be able to make a difference in the lives of sarcoma patients and caregivers.

Rahul Mishra Says …

(Desmoplastic small round cell tumour undergoing treatment from Dr Sameer Rastogi at AIIMS)

Sachin Sarcoma Society is a very good society. They are giving a new hope to patients that they can fight with this disease and they give enthusiasm to patients also that everything is possible you just need to be positive in your life. If you feel positive and good from inside you can beat anything in life and this society gives us the same feeling and motivation that we can do everything and we can also fight with every kind of disease.

Sabina Singh Says …

(Patient of Giant cell Tumour undergoing Treatment at AIIMS)

Indeed , a small step and a huge leap in terms of having a vision which started from a small group of people and now these people have touched lives of many . Their genuine efforts and support had reached the hearts of patients and their families. I truly feel they deserve more support and recognition for their endless , kind , selfless and empathetic support for this cause . Because Cancer can be cured with medicines , doctors , love and care. Sachin Sarcoma Society has grown from a realistic cause and moving towards more realistic goals. I have seen this society grow when it was just a seed and today many people has come under it’s wings where they can express freely , get support without hesitation and gain awareness.

Bhushan Valecha Says …

(Navya Valecha diagnosed with Rhabdomysarcoma is undergoing treatment at AIIMS)

First of all Congratulations to start this society. It’s a great effort to all of you for taking the initiative to this important work and creating The Sachin Sarcoma Society. We all know there is a great need for this work. I am very proud to have you all here in this society. You all are aware that from this society all informations, knowledge is important to the patients and the patient’s family but is also very important to Doctors too. We all here share expertise and knowledge about treatment of patient by doctors and encourage the other patient development of health services for doctors. We need to do research and develop healthy working environments for patient. And we need to teach all to look after their own health. We all together do their best to run this Sachin Sarcoma Society.

Anushka Negi Says …

(An osteosarcoma patient undergoing treatment at AIIMS)

After meeting the team of Sachin Sarcoma Society I felt that I am not only the one suffering from Sarcoma but there are many other who are suffering from the same disease.The people of this Society gave me the power to again handle the toxic drugs of chemo. This team had given so many people courage to fight with this disease.The people of this group always have a smiling face which can make any sad face smile. And I wish lots of more smiling faces gets added to this group

Events @ Sachin Sarcoma Society

2nd Sarcoma Support Group Meeting

The team of Sachin sarcoma society organised sarcoma support group meeting in Gurgaon on 17th November 2018 to motivate and inspire the patients of sarcoma undergoing treatment and to understand their concerns and challenges faced so as to help them in the best possible way. The entire session was very interactive and many survivors gave inspiring speeches which helped many other patients going through the cancer treatment. It gave them a ray of hope that they are not alone in this battle of cancer and their testing times are going to end soon. They have realised the power of BELIEF that… Read more “2nd Sarcoma Support Group Meeting”

Children’s Day Celebration

There are so many things that we can learn from children.They teach us how to remain happy without any reason.Their lovely smile and happiness steals our heart.They teach us how to live life to the fullest even though they are struggling from life. We are so happy to celebrate children’s day with all sarcoma kids to make their day special.All these kids are undergoing treatment of cancer but they have surprised us with their cheerfulness and never say die attitude. On account of children’s day , they have made beautiful sketches on happy children’s day. May God fulfil all their dreams… Read more “Children’s Day Celebration”

Blood Donation Camp

RAKT DAAN MAHAADAAN. Blood donation service is the best social service to humanity.It is a very noble cause as by donating blood , one gets the opportunity to save someone’s life.All it takes is just 15 minutes to donate blood.By donating blood, one can bring happiness to someone’s life and make a difference in his life. Keeping this noble thought in mind, Sachin sarcoma society has organised its first blood donation camp in Faridabad on 12th November in association with AIIMS blood bank.We are happy that large number of people came forward to contribute for this noble cause and donated their… Read more “Blood Donation Camp”

APMSTS Support Meeting, Jaipur

The team of Sachin sarcoma society have attended a prestigious international conference of APMST sarcoma support group meeting on 6 th October in Jaipur carrying 78 patients and caregivers from Delhi.We are immensely grateful to Dr. Ashish Gulia and the entire team of APMSTS for making all arrangements regarding travel and stay for our patients, survivors and caregivers. We are happy that all patients, caregivers and survivors have shown their faith on our team and there was so much of enthusiasm, vibrant and positive energy among the people. Many patients and caregivers have given marvellous dance performances, speeches on stage and… Read more “APMSTS Support Meeting, Jaipur”

First Sarcoma Support Group Meeting

As July is a sarcoma awareness month, a sarcoma support group meeting was organised in AIIMS on 21 July where 30 sarcoma affected families were invited. We are immensely grateful to panel of doctors Dr. Sameer Rastogi, Dr. Venkatesan, Dr. Sushma Bhatnagar, Dr. Adarsh Barwad, Dr. Asid, Dr. Ramba of Sarcoma oncology department for coming and having interaction with patients of sarcoma and their caregivers.The fears and apprehensions of patients were heard by the doctors and they answered their queries. It was followed by support group meeting with members of Sachin sarcoma society to understand their concerns and provide them… Read more “First Sarcoma Support Group Meeting”

Sphoorti – Sarcoma Education Program

The team of Sachin Sarcoma Society organised it’s first major event Sphoorti – A Sarcoma Education Program held on 7th April, 2018 which focused especially on patients and caregivers to make them aware about the in’s and out’s of sarcoma and it’s effects. Our program was hosted at Hotel C.L. House, Yusuf Sarai who gave this venue free of cost to support this wonderful initiative and we are really thankful to Mr. C.L. Gupta for his immense support. The event was started with the welcome speech by the president of Sachin Sarcoma Society Mrs. Rashi Kapoor in which she invited… Read more “Sphoorti – Sarcoma Education Program”

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Donate for a cause

Sachin Sarcoma Society welcomes your charitable contribution. Your gift will be used for the patients in need of assistance. Your valuable donation will help us grow sarcoma awareness in India. Thank You.

Our Facebook Feed

A beautiful poem written by a patient of sarcoma understanding treatment, Sanjay Mishra ji who is very creative, talented and blessed with commendable poetic skills.
Sanjay Mishra ji is a Leimyosarcoma patient undergoing treatment.
We salute his inner strength to fight with the disease courageously and give him best wishes.

अंतरराष्ट्रीय महिला दिवस पर कुछ पंक्तियाँ नारी पर लिखने की कोशिस की है राशी कपूर जी को समर्पित है:
जिसके दिल मे दरिया बहती है ,
जिन आँखों मे सपने सजती है,
जिससे ये जीवन सुन्दर है ,
सारे दर्द मिट जाते जिसके अंदर है,
जो क्रोध मे चंडी बनती है
वो त्याग मे माँ सीता बनती है!

वो सृजक, पालक, संहारक है
वो हर दुखियों की तारक है ,
उसके आँचल मे सारे सुख बसते है
इसलिये हम उसे जननी कहते है ।

उस नारी रूप माँ का वर्णन
शब्दों मे नही कर सकते है
बस धरती की सब माताओं को
सादर प्रणाम हम करते है !

हम युद्धरत है ऐ माँ कैंसर से
जो लड़ता है चोरों की तरह
आशीर्वाद दे दो माँ विजय की
कि जीत जायें शेरों की तरह !!
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A beautiful poem written by Saurabh Kumar Sidharth, 25 years an osteosarcoma survivor on the occasion of #Happywomensday2019.
Saurabh Kumars poetic expression is commendable and we feel happy to share his poem with everyone.
If you like the poem, pl comment as your one line can make a big difference and further boost his morale .
Wishing Saurabh , all the very best for good health and for all his future endeavours.
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A woman is strong and soft, powerful and trustworthy, capable of doing many things image unique way and a great multitasker.
She is a continuous source of inspiration for the family and the society.
Despite failures- She stands up
Despite sorrow- She cheers up
Despite the pain-She keeps fighting
Today on occasion of #Happywomensday2019 ,we are happy to see women who are so inspiring that they take care of their home, children and deal with any situation in a smiling way.
We salute the strength of all these women who are either survivors of sarcoma or the ones undergoing treatment in a courageous way.We also salute other women who are caregivers and take care of their family and continue to radiate happiness and positivity all around.
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In the News

Published in Daily Pioneer on 9th April, 2018
Published in Dainik Jagran on 8 April, 2018

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As Sachin Sarcoma Society volunteer you can honour a survivor or a loved one lost to cancer, help save lives of people in your local community, and around the world. It only takes a little time to do a lot of good. Discover how rewarding it is to be a volunteer. Anyone with a keen interest in helping is encouraged to volunteer.

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